10 Signs Your Boyfriend/girlfriend Wants To Break Up With You In the relationships

10 Signs Your Boyfriend/girlfriend Wants To Break Up With You In the relationships

There are few things more frustrating than not knowing if your girlfriend/ boyfriend wants to call it quits up or not. People in relationships often l

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There are few things more frustrating than not knowing if your girlfriend/ boyfriend wants to call it quits up or not. People in relationships often leave subtle, or not-so-subtle, hints that they are looking to move on. Be on the lookout for these ten signs if you have doubts about your relationships.


1. Your partner is slowly talking to you less.

Remember the start of your relationships? You couldn’t stop talking! You might’ve spent all night talking to one another, or countless hours on the phone or cuddled up on a couch somewhere.

2. He/ she becomes distant.

He/ She may be right there in front of you, but your partner’s mind is somewhere else. If you’re ignoring your partner (or vice-a-versa) for any period of time longer than a few days, that’s a sure sign the relationship is in trouble.

3. You fight a lot , almost everyday.

In a relationship, fights are all but inevitable but this is never good. Fighting is pretty much the worst, and though it’s healthy to do once in a while, it’s much better to communicateproperly with your partner on the regs.

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4. You don’t feel close to him/her.

At one point in time you two were inseparable. You loved being around him/ her and how you made each other feel. You felt connected on a variety of levels. But now you feel the complete opposite of how you used to. You don’t feel as loved or cared about and he/she doesn’t make any efforts to remedy it.

5. He/ She ignores you a lot and is constantly checking his phone.

He wants to be someplace else and not with you. He/ She’s not around much anymore. That’s just the way some of us are. Many guys would rather avoid you than tell you what’s up.

6. Your partner takes you for granted.

There’s no better way to help hurry the end of the relationship than to just assume your partner is always there to make your life easier. The ins and outs of our every day existence can take an especially hard toll when it comes to taking that special someone in our lives for granted.

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7. He/ She’s inconsiderate and could turn downright mean

Your feelings don’t matter to him/ her that much anymore, but your partner doesn’t have the nuggets to be straight with you. Next, feelings of overwhelm and frustration appear. “That sense of being trapped can, in turn, lead to anger about the situation that the relationship is in. If not properly addressed through healthy discussion or therapy, that anger may either be expressed unproductively

8. I love yous are rare.

A lot of couples say those three special words a lot, and it’s likely that you two did as well. However, recently the “I love yous” and sweet nothings haven’t been said much and when they are, they seem forced and lacking meaning and purpose. If he’s fallen out of love and wants to get out of the relationship, your guy will start cutting you off emotionally.

9. Not much is said in person.

Before all of this, conversations used to be interesting, meaningful, and timeless, and they just flowed. You’d have inside jokes and he/ she’d make comments that would make you laugh. However, things have changed and now talking in person is dry and forced. When conversations become boring and useless, it’s a big red flag that something is going wrong.

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10. He/ She  wants alone time.

This is a really obvious sign that something isn’t right with the relationship anymore. If your guy/ girl wants a lot of alone time, and not just the usual “me time” together, he/she’s trying to distance himself from you and spend less time around you. Asking for time alone on a routine basis is a clear sign that your partner is no longer interested in being with you.



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