Must Read: Upgrade Your WAEC 2018 Result (May/June Exams) Is A Scam

Must Read: Upgrade Your WAEC 2018 Result (May/June Exams) Is A Scam

Upgrade Your WAEC 2018 Result (May/June Exams) messages that you see everywhere are nothing but scam. After the release of the May/June 2018 WAEC res

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Upgrade Your WAEC 2018 Result (May/June Exams) messages that you see everywhere are nothing but scam.

After the release of the May/June 2018 WAEC results, many scammers have taken to the internet to post messages that they can Upgrade Your WAEC 2018 Result (May/June Exams) scores for candidates with low scores.

These people are out to defraud WAEC candidates who want better grades in their subjects.

Upgrade Your WAEC 2018 Result (May/June Exams)

Don’t fall for it. No one can help you upgrade or correct your scores (whichever way they call it). Candidates with errors have been duly noted and WAEC is presently correcting such errors.

Upgrade Your WAEC 2018 Result (May/June Exams) – Posts Examples

Here are some examples of posts that you will see on the internet asking you to come and upgrade your WAEC result. We have seen many of them in our comment section since the release of the May/June 2018 results. We have just decided not to approve those comments to prevent our readers from getting defrauded.

I'm forever grateful to mr james for helping to me upgrade my WAEC results and also helped my younger brother to release his withheld result, if you wish to do the same contact him on 0903520.


Hello my name is amos please Every body in the house should join me thank God and the helper he send to me, talking about Mr steve, this. Is the 4th time am writing waec and when I check my result, my chemistry was very poor and I almost died because I cannot imagine my self writing another exam so I was opportune to contact Mr steve he told me not to worry that he will help me to upgrade my English to a higher grade which he did and now guess what, my chemistry is B2 now wow am very happy. If you need this help, call. Mr steve on this number ( 0814677 ) cos it is better you this now than to write another exam. and i also want you to benefit from it too


Hello to my fellow waec candidates i brought a good news to all i just found a man that works in WAEC office and he was able to upgrade my literature,Economics and Government i own every thing to him if you want to upgrade or to release your Waec result call Mr bayo on 0806972


To whom it may concern my name is sandra i just got my Maths and my chemistry upgraded by Mr Mathew in WAEC office i thank him so much for helping me do this because i don’t have to write again next year i want to advice you contact him also if you failed any paper or yours is withheld call him on 0811491


Hello my fellow student that write waec.. i want to use this opportunity to thank mr bamidele, my result was bad and i was not happy with the result so i was thinking on what am going to do,…… on a very good day i melt a friend of mine on my way home so i told him about it, then he told me that i should not worry that he is going to introduce me to one mr bamidele so he gave me his contact and i contacted him and i told him about my result then he told me that he is going to help me in upgrading the result but firstly i should send my waec details,…… so am very happy now that mr bamidele has helped me to upgrade my result so call him on 080775258.... if you are having problem with your result, GOOD LUCK

Those are the kind of messages we have received in the comment section. We have published these few and removed the last four digits of the phone numbers to prevent people from calling them.

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You will also see them on other websites, especially forums, message boards, Facebook and other social media platforms. Please don’t call those numbers, they are out to defraud you. You have been warned!!!