(NOUN) National Open University Admission Requirements in 2018

(NOUN) National Open University Admission Requirements in 2018

The National Open University of Nigeria is provided to be one of the best educational institutions in the country. This institution offers accessible,

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The National Open University of Nigeria is provided to be one of the best educational institutions in the country. This institution offers accessible, flexible, functional and cost-effective education to Nigerians. What are the primary requirements for the admission here?

The National Open University of Nigeria

This university has already provided admission application and registration form for 2018. It’s necessary to notify all persons, candidates, friends, relatives, parents, guardians who are interested in the admission process of the university. If you are interested in studying there, then you must read the following information.

If you don’t know the full list of National Open University courses, then keep reading. All prospective candidates should be aware of the sales of forms for the National Open University Academic Session.

National Open University

Available programmes at the University of Nigeria

It’s almost impossible to get in one post the full list of available programmes for the National Open University, however the official website for the university may provide you with the following information:

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate available courses in 2018/2019
  • The full list of Accredited Programmes and Courses for the National Open University

Your only chance of getting admitted to the National Open University of Nigeria is through the purchasing of the application and registration form.The sale date is announced by the school board. The same board provides the price for the courses. The full details of the available programmes for this institution will be provided on the official website. If you want to be admitted to the institution you will need to check the following steps:

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Notes about getting National Open University Admission

Do not forget that the whole registration process is to be done exclusively online. There is no need of visiting the school or study centers. The NOUN Portal (National Open University Nigeria), may provide you the whole information about getting admission to the university.

Please, take the whole admission course through the official website. It’s open seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

What should you do before filling the papers?

Before getting to the application form, you are required to pay a registration fee, visit one of the following banks to pay your registration fee:

  • Skye Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Ecobank
  • First City Monument Bank.

National Open University

Steps to getting the National Open University Admission

1. Pay a fee

According to the National Open University requirements, you ought to pay the following fees for admission:

  • Doctor’s Programme – N10,000
  • Postgraduate Programmes – N7,500
  • Undergraduate Programmes – N5,000
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2. NOUN Teller

When you pay, you need to make sure that your customer support is made specifically for NOUN Teller. It’s required for NOUN registration.

3. Application PIN

When you have gotten through the payment procedure, you will need to collect PIN Code. It equals the paid amount from your bank.

4. Main Registration

When you have done the above-mentioned steps, you need to follow to the official website of the National Open University of Nigeria – www.noun.edu.ng. You will click on the title “Application Form.”

5. Application of the webpage

When the application from the official webpage gets to your computer, you will need to proceed using the application code. It will access your personalized account for the NOUN online application.

6. Fill the registration form

It’s a pretty easy task. You just need to look through the questions given in the application form. According to these questions, you will need to provide the personalized information about yourself. Do not forget that you need to fill in your information correctly.

7. Upon the successful registration

When you have successfully registered for the application, take a note of how easy you can navigate through the process application. You can also edit your data whenever it’s necessary. Just do it before you apply.

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8. Check everything

When you have completed the registration form, you will need to double check it. Do not forget that you can’t edit anything when you have submitted your file. When everything good, you just need to select the submit button. It’s displayed on your screen.

9. Proceed and print

When you have done the above-mentioned steps, you may print your provisional admission letter.

The National Open University is one of the best educational institutions in Nigeria. You will never regret studying there.

National Open University


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